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PostSubject: Application   Thu Feb 01, 2007 9:52 pm

Hi Covenant!!
this is Amaranth from 23 Uni. located mostly at 1 gal and also some at 2 and 5.

my current rank is 487 and constantly on the rise.
point: 86097
fleet rank at 212 with 2557 points.
research rank at 703 with 101 pts.
my research rank may b low, but my techs are high ^^ as one of ur captains Dasmitchies might know from times when he attacked my 5 gal planet. 11 11 11.

I am with XYL right now. have been with them since I was nearly 1000 rank. so ive been with them for quite some time now. I am considerin leaving them now for a stronger clan because i dont want to be the highest ranker there. U cant do anything with ur allies if they r all so much lower lvl than u. all the battles they fight are against ppl w noobie protection from me.
any how, now that the clan is breaking apart, w captains leaving, I think its time for me to leave too.

Ive played a bit on Korean server. 23 is my first and the only universe im playing at US server.

in real life, im a university student, male, living in Toronto, Canada.
fluent in English and Korean, with functional french, and on top of that, a sprinkle of Japanese. Korean by blood, Canadian by nationality.

I wish to join you guys at covenant, but I hope I can join you without going thru ur wing.

best regards,

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PostSubject: Re: Application   Thu Feb 01, 2007 10:21 pm


Thanks for your substantial application. Please allow us a few days to decide.

If you were a super-intelligent shade of the color blue, then what shade would you be?

Members may vote on/against Amaranth's application and voice their opinions here:

And so it goes...
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